Friday, 22 June 2018

Case Planner Software - EnsureYour Management Work Done Hassle-freely

Importance of a good case management tool is hard to ignore today. With Lex Mantra case planner software, you can easily track demographics, interactions, scheduling, billing information, and more for your client and the progress towards the plan.

Case planner software provides corporations or industries with a handy method of excellently managing client and vital information like contacts, calendaring, documents and other specified by enabling automation in law practices. Such software programs vary in their compatibility by firm size and features. You merely need to pick the right program that enhances your practice or work seamlessly and effortlessly.

Amazing Features and Functions of Case Management Software

With case management software, your all cases and matters are accessible through a centralized database, manages to-do lists, fast & hassle-free searching and more.

Time Tracking:  Records payment time and transaction time on hourly basis. Also links to time, billing and accounting programs.

Contact Management: Case management software ensures tracking, logging and detail storage of the phone call, e-mails and more.

Case Calendaring and Docketing: This feature of case management allows staff to view deadline of tasks provided to them, meeting dates and time. It ensures proper scheduling, appointments and meetings.

Document Assembly: Make use of case management software and relish drafts documents and linkage to word processing programs.

So ensure optimizing your company’s legal operation through a secure window and benefit utmost.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Legal Case Management Software - Simplifies Your Legal Process

Corporate legal solution smartly designed to enhance the legal workflow of a corporate with wide-ranging reporting at a single click. The solution is ideal for employees, facilitating management, corporate counsels and more. Lex Mantra is a must-have legal calendaring solution as it ensures multi-level reporting with great variations and combinations. It simplifies the legal process of calendaring events and deadlines associated with it. Also it easily managed legal workflow by updating the legal processes.

Legal case management software offers comprehensive legal case management and helps you meet your reporting requirement. The software is powerful and specifically designed for the modern law firm. It is useful in organizing your contacts, calendars, cases, documents, time tracking and billing. This software is quite useful in letting your clients remain informed and connected.

Choosing the right case management software can truly affect your growth for years to come. Benefits case management software offers you include:

  • Manage deadlines
  • Organize client files
  • Automate time and billing entries 
  • Coordinates communication 
  • Document retrieval 
  • Work from anywhere facility 

Legal documents management software maintains a copy of all old versions allowing you go for inspection anytime or review the files late on. You are also flexible to manage your documents simply by creating an unlimited number of folders within each case, easy document moving into any folder, easy access to your folder and more.

Legal workflow trailing software is suitable for all corporate organizations that have a requirement to manage their litigations hassle-freely. Overall, it helps your uptime remain legal.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Matter Management Software Ensures Legal Workflows

Are you are looking for a single & secure window, Lex Mantra is a perfect solution to optimize your company’s legal operations. With full-featured litigation management software, we smartly provide mutual detailing right from preventive management, contact matter management to conclusion and results via uncomplicated inputs & reporting.

In corporate sector, large numbers of actions are taken against them or many quench at the stage of notice or complaint. Many times such scenario takes place because corporate does not want to engage in unnecessary litigations and step towards closing the matters as soon as possible. This makes them respond to such cases that are in limelight. If notice need to be issued it can be easily done with the help of features like "LIBRARY", where you can easily save and manage your documents.

Matter management is one of the most inclusive module of Lex Mantra where detaining related to case is recorded. It helps users to have hassle-free feeding & planning of current updated and upcoming plan of action. Sequences of events get recorded in an appropriate manner. Matter related record of responsible person is updated with accomplished history of the case. Matter management software helps you in identifying matters that are drowned at the early stage with the assistance of its employees. Reporting is done generating the status of Pending Notices, Close Notices, Yet to respond and more.

Case management software features are user-friendly. Come with simple input, they easily generate informative reports. Reporting of legal department of a corporate company can be done at a single click.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Legal Solutions Software - Manage Corporate Workflow Hassle-Freely.

Organization has always been a prime success factor for every industry. Evolvement of organizational methods helps firms improve their performance. Technology plays crucial role in optimizing your company legal operations through a single & secure window.

Lex Mantra, a corporate legal solution is fabricated to restructure the legal workflow of a business with all-inclusive reporting rapidly. From stand-alone applications to fully-integrated enterprise system, the company offers inflexible scalable solutions, customized to meet the needs of any kind of organization irrespective of size and industry. It is very much user-friendly and hence user with little or no training can use it hassle-freely.

Understanding your company’s front & back office procedures, we offer incredible legal solutions including legal workflow management software and legal date management software etc. Primarily, it manages legal workflow by effectively streamlining the legal processes.

Benefits of Legal Solutions Software

  • Helps team collaboration 
  • Helps manage deadlines & improve file organization 
  • Coordinating communication & document retrieval 
  • Flexibility to work anytime from anywhere 
  • Helps in time tracking & billing 

Choose right legal workflow management software and benefit in more than sales & implementation. The solution deals with facilitating management, employees, counsels of corporate to clearly use the detailed information provided by the software concerning to present legal status of cases and future plan of actions with superb responsibility allocation. Since Lex Mantra come with multi-level reporting, we easily optimize a company's legal operations through a single & secure window.
So save time and resources and keep your clients satisfied.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Corporate litigations and traditional method of tackling legal matters!

In our last blog we tried to comprehend what litigation or legal matter is and what are the steps involved in litigation management. I hope the blog would have been useful to create a blueprint of legal case management in your mind! It’s time to take a step forward and understand how organisations are tackling their legal matters.

Before going further, I would recall one understanding from our previous blog and that is: Litigation is a very complex process and a lot of tangible and non tangible assets are on stake when a law suit is going on!  Keeping the above statement in mind, let us move on to see how an organisation structures its legal team. In majority of the organisations, there is a central legal team that reports directly to the management and controls all the divisional and regional team of counsels.  

                                                           Figure 1: Structure of legal team

Figure 2: Functionalities of regional team            Figure 3: Functionalities of central team

It is evident that the load on the central team is very much. It is difficult to cope up with dynamic changes in events related to case and then creating an effective communication with different regional teams at the same time. There are huge chances of missing on a deadline, missing on some useful information about the case and increase in expenditure. The teams at the centre generally compile the case information manually and there is a huge potential of some human error that may occur and jeopardize the situation.

Other issue that pops up is the availability of regional teams at right place and at right time. It is very important that teams at different branches are available and that too loaded with all information else there can be data loss. Time plays a significant role in any legal matter and local teams need to get all the approvals and plans before the date of hearing. If it is not done then the organisation might be in loss on the day of hearing which may ultimately lead to damage to the reputation and loss in the business.

 After going through the above blog you might have got an idea of how an organisation manages its litigation and the structure it follows for its legal team. You might have also got a gist of what challenges an organisation faces while doing legal case management. The challenges mentioned over here are just the tip of an iceberg that you are able to see, there is a huge block under the sea which we would be discussing in our next blog! Till then, if you want to have better understanding of how companies perform legal case and notice management, I would suggest you to go through our product, LEX MANTRAA web based and role based litigation management software.

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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Litigation – An extremely complex process with a very simple definition!

Litigation management or legal matters management is a term that is doing rounds in the business arena for some while now. With the increase in consumer awareness and availability of knowledge in public domain, industries are focusing highly on legal matters to make sure that the company does not fall into any legality which may cause damage to the company’s reputation and ultimately leading to decrease in profitability of the business. This also leads to compromised focus on business expansions & development. To help you understand the nuances of corporate litigations, we present  you a blog series that would take you through the corporate litigations, the challenges that you might face in case management, how a legal workflow management software may be a solution to the problems and what are the important functionalities that are must for a legal management system. But before going into the deep let’s first understand what litigation is.

To define litigation, we can say that litigation is the process of taking a legal action. Synonyms of the word litigations are legal proceedings, legal actions, lawsuits, legal disputes, legal cases, legal contests, judicial proceedings, and legal processes, prosecution of charges, indictments and trials. Right from notice management  to trying to settling the dispute outside the courts to expense management to legal data management to managing ongoing litigations to legal date management, all fall under purview of litigations.

To start with, let us understand what a notice is and why is it so important. Notice is a formal way of informing a person or a party that they have not acted in accordance to what was expected by them and you intend to take a legal action against them. It is a kind of warning that is given to the person before initiating a legal action. One needs to reply or react to the notice received within the given deadline. If the party doesn’t reacts on-time then the issuer of notice can file a case in court of law. Generally parties prefer settling the issue outside the court and notice is the stage where it is usually done. 

So we can understand the level of importance notice management has for a party. To summarise:
  • Deadlines needs to be handled with utmost attention so as to not to get into legalities.
  • Settling up of matters outside the courts is done in here.
  •  It helps in avoiding unnecessary law suits thus helping control a lot of time and money.

After notice, come the cases. If the party who has received the notice doesn’t reacts to it on time then the issuer files a lawsuit and this lawsuit is known as a case. Ongoing lawsuits are very critical and it needs to be handled properly. There are quite a few steps that are taken while managing cases.
  • It starts with retrieving data related to the case
  •  It also requires to contact the people who were involved directly or indirectly in the case
  • Once all the data is assembled, then one has to decide the counsel of advocates who are going to represent us in the court
  • After selection of advocates, strategy is to be determined which might be decided on the basis of case information , or some previous case handled on similar lines or may be by using other information
  • There is a need of calendaring the hearing dates and tracking of time
  • Another important aspect in case management is making sure that performance of advocates are being monitored
  •  And finally expenses done for the legal case management needs to be monitored and controlled
  • Closure of case - to analyse whether the same is in favour or against us
  • Taking subsequent actions
  • Understanding & strategising between the desired output versus the cost of time & money put in a legal matter

I hope after reading the above blog, you have got a bit of clarity about what litigation management is , what notice management is and what case management is. But that’s not just what you need to understand. There is an enormous amount of information that is coming up in the subsequent blogs. Till then, if you want to have a good time understanding how a litigation works then I would suggest you to go through our product, LEX MANTRAA web based and role based litigation management software.

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