Friday, 1 September 2017

Automate Your Legal Worlflow Through Litigation Management Software

Are you often worried for “missing a court date”?
Are you often struck with: -
How to control too many notices?
How to control too many cases?
Do you have multilocations?
Do you have multiple people, agencies, counsels?
Do you often get worried regarding how to manage & handle the litigations?

If yes, then the answer to all above is the Lex Mantra-A Litigation Management Software by FSLSoftware Technologies Ltd.

The idea to make LexMantra came a couple of years back when in our consulting observation we found that 10 policemen were sitting in the office of a chairman with his arrest warrant . Immediately the whole organization got into a spin . Quick enquiry revealed that one of the cheque has bounced in one of the region of the company amounting to Rupees Ten thousand Only & the region thought they will be able to handle it & never escalated the matter. One reason for not escalating was lack of a system in the organisation regarding litigation management & control .

The person whose cheque was bounced escalated the matter & filed criminal complaint against the organisation & got a non-bailable warrant issued for not responding & attending to the notice . The cost , time & harassment borne herein is unexplainable .

Therefore , a litigation management system i.e. "Lex Mantra" besides managing litigations also helps in reducing litigation by documenting each and every notice, complaint, reminder letter in the system . Further this being a web based software, the information can flow simultaneously up to the highest level.

Various features explained later can enable an organization to save lakhs & crores in monetary terms
Now the question is " What does Lex Mantra do? "
It automates corporate legal workflow
The bigger question is " How "?

Through planning, maintaining & alerting the user of task planned for a notice or a case. It is a very comprehensive solution which provide great inputs only by use of single entry form.

The company can safeguard itself against the following risk by use of Lex Mantra:-
1. Fines & Penalty
2. Prosecution
3. Imprisonment
4. Impact on business
5. Harassment

Lex Mantra is a web based solution which enables centralized management of corporate legal department. It not only safeguards against litigations but also shield against probable litigations with the help of its features to capture issues at the stage of notices , complaints & reminders.
The solution has 24*7, accessibility . It captures criteria’s like:
  1. Agency with which case is related like income tax , consumer forums , MCA etc
  2. Sections under which a litigation is persuaded
  3. Details of parties to case / notice
  4. Category / Sub category of case for example - criminal & U/s 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act 1881
  5. The leader or the responsible person / counsel can also be defined
  6. And much more.
Hence certain benefits to organizations can be as below : -
  1. Risk management against litigations
    b. Case Movement can be tracked
    c. Library & e-filing of documents at centralized location
    d. Alerts via email & SMS of pending tasks & upcoming tasks related to matters
    e. Time management for team through the work load estimation of upcoming target period
    g. Better internal (within organization - inter department, inter location, and inter people) as well as external (with consultant, lawyers, opponents etc.) coordination and communication maintaining logs with allied details
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