Wednesday, 27 September 2017

LexMantra - A Litigation Management Software Solution

There was a person complaining of regular headache. One day I saw him collapsing because he avoided proper medical checkup from a long time. Due to this it got converted into an incurable disease as he did not take any precautionary checkup in the prior stage.

Similarly you can relate business activities to your health. People who ignore such symptoms at initial stage turns into an incurable disease. We are relating this instance to every big organization that have multiplications, multiple roles & responsibilities of different distinguished individuals. For a business to survive that deals with various agencies like Income Tax, Labour Law Department, Company Law Authorities, Consumer Forums, Courts etc it becomes very vital to automate the litigation processes of the organization.

It is noticed in many organizations that matters related to cases reach the top management when things get  burst out and they cannot be prevented and cured. Thus there is an umpteen need for a case management software   so as to avoid the end incurable effects of unmanageable cases that can be very painful. Keeping these pains in view litigation management tool – Lex Mantra has been designed through which one can have an eye on every ongoing process of cases. This solution tracks complete detail of case stages like summons, evidence, order etc. A series of events can be recorded in a proper manner wherein they can be referred at any date. The solution deals with facilitating management , employees , counsels of corporates to confidently use the timely & precise information provided by the solution relating to current legal status of cases & next plan of actions with features of proper responsibility allocation . LexMantra is not just a Legal Calendaring Solution as it has features that enable multi-level reporting with the use of various permutations & combinations.

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