Thursday, 7 September 2017

Legal Data Management Software For Comprehensive Reporting of Cases

Companies dealing with cases have dozens of clients and data on hundreds of cases. The management of this scattered data shifts the focus of businesses from business expansion to  non-productive & inefficient management .

Today Corporate are Faced with the Challenge of :

  • lot of confusion & stress due to fear of  legal consequences
  • Too much dependence on the people instead of process
  • Lack of transparency in handling cases , notices & all such legal matters
  • No escalation & value addition of top management due to lack of transparency
  • Inability to judge performance of employees , case leaders , case managers or advocates
  • Lack of useful data about the concerned people in the agencies
  • Similar matters being dealt in different ways & styles in different locations
  • Too much knowledge unable to be used

Thus there is need for a Litigation Management Software that can automate the legal workflow of the organization. Case Management Software makes sure that legal staff stays on track and nothing gets missed regarding the case stages .It gives a comprehensive reporting across various data filters like courts, locations, counsels, stages, agencies, category, sections , internal departments , employee wise, case leader wise etc. It provides the facility of planning the current update & next plan of action as well. A series of events can be recorded in a proper manner wherein they can be referred at any date. Also the record of responsible person of the matter making updates can be recorded with the complete history of the case. Keeping these pains in consideration a legal management software: Lex Mantra has been designed for maintaining better log of legal counsels of each case that can grow and adapt with your organization providing peace of mind for senior management.

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